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DEC 2017

Charlotte Happenings is your monthly guide to events and things to do in and around Charlotte, NC.

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THE WORKMAN'S FRIEND'S FROM THE BAR By Beth Castle PHOTOS BY TIM ROBISON 1531 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 980.224.8234 Walk into The Workman's Friend on a Saturday night, and suddenly you'll be transported 3,000-plus miles to Dublin, Ireland, where the drinks are heady and the chatter is boisterous. Open since 2015, the bustling Plaza Midwood restaurant pays homage to Irish pubs with a menu inspired by dishes served across the pond. At the bar, in addition to Irish stouts, ales, ciders and lagers on draft, you'll fi nd cocktails that play up the country's love aff air with coff ee-meets-liquor concoctions. Named after the Irish expression for someone under the infl uence of alcohol ("are they drink taken?"), this caff einated beverage encourages even early risers to rally until last call. I N G R E D I E N T S P R E P A R A T I O N 1 whole vanilla bean ⅛ cup sugar ⅛ cup hot water Brew a pot of coff ee or a cup of espresso and allow to cool to room temperature. Split and scrape the vanilla beans out of the bean pod and mix them with the sugar and hot water to make your vanilla simple syrup. Combine vanilla simple syrup with the vodka, Sambuca, and coff ee or espresso. Shake well with ice and strain into your best martini glasses, just short of the rim. Top with root beer to form a nice head, and enjoy by the fi re with good company. 1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ 5_ Drink Taken Vanilla Simple Syrup ½ cup brewed coff ee 4 ounces Simple syrup ½ ounce Sambuca ½ ounce premium vodka of choice Abita Root Beer Cocktail CHARLOT TESGOTALOT.COM 25

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