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MAY 2017

Charlotte Happenings is your monthly guide to events and things to do in and around Charlotte, NC.

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FOR MORE CHARLOTTE RECIPES, VISIT CHARLOTTESGOTALOT.COM/CHARLOTTE-FLAVOR PREARATION Onion and Garlic Sour Cream • Add powdered onion and garlic to sour cream and blend well by hand. • Cover and refrigerate until needed (make at least one hour prior to preparing dish to allow time for onion and garlic to blend). Taco Juice • Combine taco seasoning and ranch dressing, stirring well. • Cover and refrigerate until needed. Hot Dog(s) • Heat cast iron skillet (regular or non-stick skillet will work, but cast iron is preferable) to medium heat. • Microwave desired amount of hot dogs all at once, allowing 30 seconds per hot dog to warm, not cook them. Hot dogs will cook better if warmed first. • Place each hot dog on skillet to cook. Flip intermittently to ensure all sides of each hot dog brown evenly. • Once nicely browned, remove each hot dog from heat and set aside. • Without breaking hot dog bun hinge(s), spread each desired bun on skillet to toast (Vic recommends buttering bun(s) first but doesn't do this at his cart). • Remove each bun from heat and set aside. Assembly • Turn up heat on skillet to medium-high. Spray skillet with light coating of Pam or other release spray. • Sprinkle 5-inch long line of cheddar cheese (two tablespoons) down each hot dog and allow cheese to grill until edges start browning. • Using flat spatula and tongs, scoop up each "cheese skirt" and place on each toasted bun, crispy side down. • Add each grilled hot dog to a bun. • Add 2 ounces chili to each hot dog. • Add sprinkle of diced red onion to each hot dog. • Add 4-5 pickled jalapeños to each hot dog. • Add 2-ounce squirt of onion and garlic sour cream to each hot dog. • Add 1 tablespoon taco juice to each hot dog. • Top each hot dog with desired amount of partially crushed (by hand) Fritos ® corn chips. PHOTOS BY KYO H NAM PHOTOGRAPHY 37

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